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AIEF American Education Fair Korean Interpreter Application

Thank you for your interest in being an interpreter for our 2015 Fall American Education Fair in Seoul-Korea.

Please fill out all required and applicable fields below. This application includes a written answer section.  Three prompts are listed under "Short Personal Statements" near the bottom of this form.  We recommend that you write and save your answers to the questions prior to filling out the application. You can then copy and paste your written answers into the appropriate text boxes.

Please include area code with "0" in front. If you have a non-Korean cell phone, please include the country code.
Short Personal Statements
Please form your answers in complete sentences. Each answer should contain no more than 250 characters.
Record a 30 second optional video of yourself answering question #3 above. Email your video as an attachment to or upload to YouTube and email us the link.